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My name is Ania and I'm the owner of Ania's Confections, a bakery in beautiful Ithaca, New York. My path to establishing a bakery has been an adventurous one! I started baking at home as a new hobby and source of relaxation, while working as a therapist. I discovered a new passion for baking and for sharing my products with family, friends, and the community. This inspired me to pursue opening up of my own bakery business, and I hope to have my own brick and mortar shop someday!

My Polish Roots

When I was a kid, I enjoyed cooking and baking with my mom; we would often explore and make recipes together that come from our Polish heritage. In our family, food is not only about nutrition, but it's about togetherness, love, and a shared delicious culinary experience. When visiting Poland as a teenager with my mom, we would stop by my grandmother's home and she would ask as soon as I came in, "Do you want anything to eat?" and even if I said "No," I was met with a plate of food. In this, she was expressing love, and this kind of hospitality has always been a given in our family.


I hope to bring a similar energy about food and family to my baking. I want to offer something that is homemade and made with love and real ingredients; something that allows people to indulge in a sweet moment, and celebrate special occasions with their loved ones. Sharing my baked goods has brought me a sense of joy and fulfillment and I hope it brings the community a little joy too.

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